Iberian Legal Summit and Awards


Luís Graça Rodrigues


Head of Legal Department


Luís Graça Rodrigues, Lawyer and Master in Laws (Enterprise Law, specialization in Employment Law), manages the Legal Department in Indra/ Minsait for Portugal and Portuguese-speaking African countries. In 2011 Luís created Indra’s legal department in Portugal and established a legal team that has supported the Company’s international expansion in the Portuguese-speaking African countries, providing legal advice in several operations and Company branches in those countries and supervising the work of local external counsels. In 2015 Luís was also an Invited Lecturer at the Catholic University in Mozambique. He is co-author of “The Legal regime for public contracts and counter-trade offsets in Angola” (Vida Económica, 2017) and author of several articles. Presently Luís is also interim Legal Director in Indra/ Minsait for Italy, where he is setting up a new legal department.